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Hybrid Battery Portable VET

  • United Radiology

Product Description

Hybrid Battery Portable VET-20BT
Compatible with Line Voltage and Battery Power.
Greatest Capacity storage enables max. 300 exposures by one full battery charging.
Simple and easy battery replacement.

Max. 300 exposures by one charging
The greatest capacity storage enables maximum 300 exposures by one full charging of battery. Energy balance indicator displays the time for battery charging and recognition LED will be lighted in case of full charge.
Brilliant diagnostic images by high frequency technology
Superior high frequency inverter type generator realizes strong power output and brilliant clinical images, Well designed controller maintains stable mA and kVp feedback without errors against frequent exposures and secures distinguished reproducibility of x-rays.
R/F Wireless communication
Without connecting cable from portable equipment to DR detector, R/F communication module gives ready and exposure signals to TFT detector.
VET-20BT with RF module + TFT Detector + Workstation composed of TFT box, UMPC and RF module.