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PINNACLE® Veterinary System

  • Pinnacle Vet System
  • QXvue Software
  • Sample Pinnacle Vet Installation

Product Description

Digital Radiography System for Veterinary Practices

The Pinnacle Veterinary system provides your practice with instant high quality digital images, eliminating the need for your darkroom, processor, chemicals and film, while minimizing labor costs and time.  The GXR high frequency X-ray generator features excellent accuracy, reproducibility and long-term stability. Fast kW rising time minimize unnecessary patient does, and supply superior image quality.

Digital image receptor and imaging software of the Pinnacle Veterinary system allows you to digitally enhance and annotate images, provides on-screen measurements and transmits images for referrals and consultations.  The system comes complete with the Digital Imaging Receptor, 4 way table, computer workstation and a full software package.



  • Superior Quality Image
  • Cost-Effective Digital Solution and Wide dynamic range with 16-bit digitization
  • Full resolution image acquisition within 10 seconds
  • kV calibration, mA Auto calibration, kV and mA waveform display and analysis program
  • Supports easy Firmware Update for future upgrade
  • Tube anode HU display and protection, overload and housing overheat protection
  • Remote Diagnosis Software for system diagnosis via internet connection – before service, an engineer visits the site so the generator problem can be analyzed by the manufacturer and its solution can be devised: reducing service cost and downtime




Product Videos

Blue Ridge XRay Vet System (05:23)
Pinnacle Vet DR is a Digital Radiography system based on CCD detector for Veterinary Hospital use. Pinnacle Vet DR is designed to provide customers with high performance DR equipment at an affordable price. Also customizable with Cesium or flat panel detector. Pinnacle Vet DR provides high quality images for all diagnostic purposes.
  • Blue Ridge XRay Vet System
    Pinnacle Vet DR is a Digital Radiography system based on CCD d...