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PINNACLE® Paxis 200  

  • PINNACLE® Paxis 200 - A truly universal radiographic solution.
  • PINNACLE® Paxis 200 - One of the most versatile X-ray positioning stands on the market today.
  • PINNACLE® Paxis 200 - Command Controllers

Product Description

PINNACLE® Paxis 200

  • A truly universal radiographic solution
  • A technicians dream machine
  • All positions can be called up automatically or manually
  • Quality engineering makes for a device you can count on for maximum uptime
  • Easy installation gets you up and going fast

Putting the "U" in Universal.  The Paxis 200 is one of the most versatile X-ray positing stands on the market today.

Having all the conveniences of a universal positioning device combined with the ease of use of three preprogrammed SID positions (40 and 72" in the horizontal positions and 40" in the vertical position), the Paxis 200 is an ideal choice for any imaging room.

It runs smoothly from Skull Procedures to the lower extremities.  The Paxis 200 is the ideal motorized positioner solution.  Its auto-positioning will allow you to rapidly post on the apparatus for the called upon procedure.  Conversely, all motions can be achieved using the controller interface.

The Paxis 200 has a motorized source to image distance, with its end stops at 40" to 72" respectively. Maneuvering the unit is as easy as the push of a button on the convenient tube mounted control or from its remote control.

The Paxis 200 includes the MRPT 100 Mobile Positioning Table.

Ease of Installation - Because of it's straightforward floor mounted design, the Paxis 200 provides a compact installation foot print, and can be positioned anywhere in the examination room, giving you maximum flexibility when designing your X-ray room, or when retrofitting your current room.