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  • The PINNACLE® is an affordable and dependable all purpose x-ray system
  • Console style generator control
  • Gold Room layout

Product Description

The Pinnacle Gold is an affordable and dependable all purpose x-ray system.


  • 32-82kw High frequency generator with APR
  • 10-500 Ma, self diagnostics & calibrating
  • 4 way Float-Top Table, 29.5" x 86" with a 10,00 lb patient weight capacity
  • Grid cabinet with 10:1, 178 line high resolution grid in table and wall stand
  • Floor mounted, or Floor to wall/ceiling tubestand, with 10' platform
  • Trunion Mount with +/- 6" transverse movement
  • Digital readout 40" to table, and 40" and 72" to wallstand
  • Fully counter balanced Wall stand with electric locks
  • Certified Manual collimator with laser light for tray alignment

    User Benefits
    Generator: Ease of use Very user friendly. Completely programmable APR APR can be customized on laptop and uploaded into generator
    Hand switch Hand switch or button controls for rotor and expose
    DR ready Includes electronics for DR integration
    Table: Design Totally flat design with 1,000 lb weight capacity, and centering notification Consistent density material design for better digital imaging. Audible alert when table is centered 
    4 or 6 way Standard 4 way float top. Option for 6 way elevating Elevating table locks released by double pressing exposed pedals
    Positioning Cassette centering laser light located on handlebar laser light and cassette cabinet unlocked  when tray is pulled out
    Lock release Unique infrared lock release located under table front Patient cannot accidently release table top locks
    Tubestand: functionality Column rotation, and transverse movement standard Floor mounting allows more flexibility of imaging options
    Concealed cables Very neat cable concealment design No wires exposed. More aesthetically pleasing and less risk of damage
    Handlebar Convenient layout of lock release buttons. All release Rubber covered handle for better grip and comfort
    Locks Electric locks are engaged when power is off Safer in the event of power loss. No drifting when unit is  turned off
    Wallstand: Floor mounted Completely floor mounted. Handles for Patient positioning Can be installed in nontraditional room designs. In front of windows, etc
    Travel Complete vertical travel to enable upright knee`s to 74" center  

     Additional Services provided
  • Professionally prepared shop drawings with equipment layout, electrical, and mechanical details
  • Submission to Physicist for shielding design
  • Professional installation by factory trained personnel
  • Assistance with registration and documentation
  • Assistance with network configuration by in-house IT department
  • Applications training after installation