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PINNACLE® 14x17 CareView® Wireless Panel   

  • Pinnacle® 14x17 CareView® Wireless Cesium Panel
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Product Description

Pinnacle® CareView® 14" x 17" DR wireless panel provides exceptional image quality paired with advanced software features and functionality. The panel utilizes enhanced low dose CESIUM Direct Deposition Cesium technology and patented full-field automatic exposure detection.

Light-weight and slim design with award-winning built-in foldable handle, rubber insulated frame and high strength aluminum-alloy case ensuring safe and convenient operation.

Ideal for use in both new systems as well as retrofit rooms. The lightweight cassette sized DR wireless panel uses state of the art acquisition software to capture images within 10 seconds from exposure.

Panel Specifications:

  • Scintillator: CsI Direct Deposit
  • Active Area: 434 x 355mm
  • Pixel Pitch – 154um
  • Pixel Array – 2816 x 2304
  • Limiting Resolution 3.3 lp/mm
  • Exposure Control: Full-Field Automatic Exposure Detection (F2AED)

Software Features:

  • Generator Integration
  • Customizable study list
  • Standard tools on mouse
  • Multi-Scale Contrast Enhancement & Dynamic Range
  • Optimized Image Processing Parameters

CareView® Series Panels

CareView® series x-ray flat panel detectors incorporate the proven technology of amorphous silicon. The amorphous silicon photo-diode array and TFT underneath convert invisible X-ray photons into visible photons, and then into electric charges. The electron signals are measured and amplified in the data line, and then converted to digital signals by the Analog/Digital converter. Finally, the digital signals are transmitted to a PC for processing to form an image.

High DQE, high spatial resolution, extraordinary dynamic range and ultra-low noise are hallmarks of our CareView® series.

CsI Direct-Deposit Technology

We don’t buy CsI plates and glue them in. We employ our own in-house CsI Direct-Deposition process by growing cesium iodide crystals and directly depositing them on glass substrate.

What are the benefits of CsI Direct-Deposit Technology?

» Least amount of isotropic photon lateral scattering which means the best resolution (MTF) 70% better.
» Lowest photon coupling loss which means best quantum efficiency (QE) and detector quantum efficiency (DQE) 30% higher.
» No glue which means most reliable long-term performance with superior long-term stability and ambient compatibility.
» A robust, long lasting detector.