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  • E-Z-Gas II Effervescent Granules
    E-Z-Gas II Effervescent Granules
    Packet producing ~ 400mL of CO2 Works by neutralizing stomach acid, which helps relieve upset stomach. It also breaks up gas bubbles, which makes gas easier to eliminate.
  • Eclipse Probe Cover
    Eclipse Probe Cover
    A soft, latex-free, disposable probe cover for medical ultrasound probes/transducers, pre-gelled inside with Aquasonic 100 Ultrasound Transmission Gel. Fits most endocavity ultrasound probes. 2.37/1.75" W x 9.5" L...
  • Enema Ring Fluid Collection Device
    Enema Ring Fluid Collection Device
    Vinyl inflatable ring with 23″ x 23″ (600 mm x 600 mm) vinyl sheet bottom to retain barium spills. Facilitates cleanup. Ring shadow appears on radiograph, usually outside area of interest & readily recognized...
  • ENTERO VU™ 24%
    ENTERO VU™ 24%
    An oral contrast medium that provides excellent transradiancy for “see through” radiography of the small bowel. 600 mL
  • EXACTA I Screw-Cap Bag
    EXACTA I Screw-Cap Bag
    Empty, latex-free enema kit. Kit includes: One 2500cc EXACTA I Empty Enema Bag Delivery System with 152 cm (5 ft.) of 7.9 mm (5/16 in.) lumen tubing, and plastic tubing clamp. The system includes a rigid enema tip...
  • Fast Find Grid – Disposable CT Biopsy Grid
    Fast Find Grid – Disposable CT Biopsy Grid
    The low-cost, patented Fast Find Grid is a simple, disposable tool that can be used for all computed tomography (CT) guided biopsies and drainage procedures, regardless of the body part. This includes thyroid, lung, liver,...
  • Flexi-Cuff Retention Tip
    Flexi-Cuff Retention Tip
    Tip Retention Nonlatex 48/CS Miller Air Contrast Flexi-Cuff Retention Tip
  • Flexi-Stome Cone Colostomy Tip
    Flexi-Stome Cone Colostomy Tip
    Colostomy tip used in colon examination. Blue.
  • Head & Extremity Restraint - Black 4"
    Head & Extremity Restraint - Black 4"
    4" wide Black Hook and Loop that can be used to secure patients into position. 30'Long. Easy to remove in case of emergencies. Radiolucent and easily adjustable for different patient sizes. Can be cut for desired lengths and...
  • High-Density Black & White Paper
    High-Density Black & White Paper
    High density thermal sensitive black & white paper for the 890MD/895MD/D895/897MD/D897 printers. Approximately 270 prints per roll. One case = 10 rolls. Pricing is per roll. Orders in multiples of 10 only...
  • Junior Flexi-Tip Enema Tips
    Junior Flexi-Tip Enema Tips
    Enema Junior Flexi-Tip for Colon Examinations
  • Latex Probe Covers
    Latex Probe Covers
    General Use Latex probe Cover Non-Sterile bulk pk of 100 per box. 1.25" x 8"
  • Latex-FREE Non-Sterile Probe Covers
    Latex-FREE Non-Sterile Probe Covers
    Acoustically transparent, minimizing distortion during scanning. A variety of styles and sizes are available for many applications and specialties...
  • Lifting Straps (Pair)
    Lifting Straps (Pair)
    Convenient nylon straps loop through hand holds. Provides better grip. Provides extra length for better reach. Sold as a pair. MRI Safe.
  • M130 LED Control
    M130 LED Control
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  • M2 LED 2
    M2 LED 2
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