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  • PINNACLE® Overhead Tube Crane
  • Installation of OTC with an elevating table
  • Another OTC installation

Product Description

The Overhead Tube Crane is a radiographic X-ray tube suspension system designed to facilitate versatility and reliability at an affordable price.

Fully counter-balanced, this heavy-duty system moves easily throughout its entire range and minimizes operator fatigue. Combine that with our 1,000 lb. patient weight load table and it can readily meet the demands of the busiest imaging environments.

System Specifications

  • 40-82 kw High frequency generator with APR
  • Remotely accessible by distributor support center for superior uptime and reduced maintenance costs
  • Fully integrated operation with image capture device
  • Techniques can be adjusted by radiology tech on site
  • Five years parts warranty

Overhead Tube Crance (OTC)

  • Sync Capability to Wallstand and Table Bucky
  • Digital vertical SID indicators
  • Angulation dial, operator handgrips and electric locks
  • Trunion Tube Mount, 6" diameter

Wall Stand

  • Floor Mounted
  • Electric locks and patient handles
  • Fully Counter Balanced with Transverse Movement
  • Extended vertical travel
  • High resolution digital grid
  • Cassette tray mounted on bearing glides for ease of use and long lasting durability


  • 6 way Float-Top Elevating Table with a 1,000 lb. patient weight capacity
  • Homogeneous material for more consistent imaging
  • Adjustable handles for ease of positioning