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PINNACLE® CareView® Family of DR Panels.

  • Pinnacle® 14x17 CareView® Wireless Cesium Panel
  • Image 2
  • Battery
  • Image 4
  • Image 5
  • Pinnacle® 14x17 CareView® Fixed Cesium Panel

Product Description

Pinnacle® CareView® DR panels provides exceptional image quality paired with advanced software features and functionality. The panels utilize enhanced low dose Direct Deposition Cesium technology and patented full-field automatic exposure detection (F2AED).

CareView® Series Panels

CareView® series x-ray flat panel detectors incorporate the proven technology of amorphous silicon. The amorphous silicon photodiode array and TFT underneath convert invisible X-ray photons into visible photons, and then into electric charges. The electron signals are measured and amplified in the data line, and then converted to digital signals by the Analog/Digital converter. Finally, the digital signals are transmitted to a PC for processing to form an image.

High DQE, high spatial resolution, extraordinary dynamic range and ultra-low noise are hallmarks of our CareView® series.

CsI Direct-Deposit Technology

We don’t buy CsI plates and glue them in. We employ our own in-house CsI Direct-Deposition process by growing cesium iodide crystals and directly depositing them on glass substrate.

What are the benefits of CsI Direct-Deposit Technology?

» Least amount of isotropic photon lateral scattering which means the best resolution (MTF) 70% better.
» Lowest photon coupling loss which means best quantum efficiency (QE) and detector quantum efficiency (DQE) 30% higher.
» No glue which means most reliable long-term performance with superior long-term stability and ambient compatibility.
» A robust, long lasting detector.

Pinnacle® CareView® Panels

Image Acquistion Time

Pixel Pitch

Pixel Array

Limiting Resolution

Exposure Control


10” x 12” Wireless

4-5 seconds


2560 x 2048

4.16 lp/mm

F2AED* or Manual

2.3 kg

14” x 17” Wireless

4-5 seconds


2816 x 2304

3.25 lp/mm

F2AED* or Manual

3.7 kg

14” x 17” Fixed

2-3 seconds


2816 x 2304

3.3 lp/mm

F2AED* and Manual

3.3 kg

17” x 17” Fixed

2-3 seconds


2816 x 2816

3.3 lp/mm

F2AED*, Manual or external sync

3.9 kg

*F2AED- Full Field Automatic Exposure Detection

Software Features:

  • Generator Integration
  • Customizable study list
  • Standard tools on mouse
  • Multi-Scale Contrast Enhancement & Dynamic Range
  • Optimized Image Processing Parameters