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eRAD PACS Classic Edition

  • eRAD PACS Classic Edition

Product Description

eRAD PACS CLASSIC EDITION is a flexible, web-based image workflow solution, designed for distributed clinical environments made up of remote imaging facilities, associated through ownership, reading service group or location.

Classic Edition provides complete PACS functionality, including acquisition, archival, and disaster recovery.

Options are provided a-la-carte, allowing the system to evolve as your needs mature.

  • Reliable worklist consolidation and event driven workflow across distributed facilities
  • Customizable configuration, integrating multiple modalities, RIS, EMR and other systems
  • Several data backup solutions available
  • Best economical solution with a-la-carte options

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Distributed Imaging EnvironmenteRAD PACS Classic Edition supplies users with consolidated worklists across multiple imaging facilities. Users access data from one or more of these connected facilities based on their assigned access privileges or physical location. Changes made to the data at one facility promptly propagate throughout the eRAD PACS system, keeping the data consistent and accurate for all users.

Download Redirection Imaging centers connected across a slow or even moderate wide area network still gets the benefit of fast download times to user workstations. eRAD PACS Classic Edition`s Redirection feature automatically determines the fastest retrieval path for any study. The web-based architectural sructure is designed for maximum efficiency and flexibility across all network topologies and data rates.

Site-Dependent Archiving eRAD PACS Classic Edition supports independent archives in each of the imaging facilities. Keep your data from being commingled with another site`s data, yet give radiologists and other users the benefit of seeing all the data from a single worklist. Access to the data in each archive is protected by privileges managed by the system administrator.

Event Driven Workflow When multiple facilities come together as a single operating entity, the need for seamless communications is paramount. eRAD PACS Classic Edition has the event driven workflow tools to ensure consistent quality of services.Using eRAD PACS Event Actions, users set up custom events to notify themselves and others when a process needs their attention eRAD PACS drives the workflow to completion-from studies waiting to be interpreted, to dictations needing transcription, to referring physicians downloading the approved report.

The Mission of eRad is to unify diagnostic imaging processes and operations by applying unique technology which will present patient images, diagnostic reports and medical records to Physicians, Technologists and Clinicians from a single unified data base.