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Senographe Essential (Pre-owned)

  • Senographe Essential
  • Senographe Essential  - Offers the largest detector on the market.

Product Description

Senographe Essential (Pre-owned)

With careful attention to a woman’s health, from low-dose imaging to an innovative, interactive approach to mammography — Senographe Essential defines patient experience.

Senographe Essential helps make mammography easy for you and your patients.

The Senographe Essential:

  • Offers one of the largest detectors in the industry ȧȧOffer fast positioning The isocentric two-speed gantry allows you to position patients quickly and easily.
  • Offers ergonomic designs. An ergonomic hand switch control and console and optional exposure control helps improve operator comfort.
  • Helps you provide quality care. An automatic image display helps you quickly make decisions for positioning and quality assurance
  • Lets you see breast tissue clearly. An optional 3 megapixel monitor at the technologist workstation provides high-resolution images that help you review breast tissue.

GE Healthcare’s flagship digital mammography system is an upgradeable platform designed to deliver clinical confidence and give you what you need to deliver high-quality care. Senographe Essential lets you perform a wide variety of breast procedures from in-office or mobile screening to advanced diagnostic procedures. Offers the largest detector on the market

With the Senographe Essential you’ll get:

  • Value through high-quality images at a low dose.
  • Continuum in a long-term investment on a platform upgradeable for advanced applications.
  • Smooth and efficient workflow due to comprehensive workflow solutions from worklist integration and multi-modality capabilities.