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Agfa DX-D 300 

  • Agfa DX-D 300
  • Agfa DX-D 300 in use
  • Agfa DX-D 300 in use

Product Description

Flexible Direct Radiography System

The DX-D 300 DR system unites excellent image quality with complete convenience. It offers top-of-the-line technology, a single detector and a fully-motorized positioner, yet requires limited space. It can be combined with a CR system to allow complete versatility. Its universality, flexibility and affordability make it stand out among DR systems.

The DX-D 300 provides a very cost-effective and straightforward solution to get all the quality and productivity benefits of going Direct Digital. The Cesium Iodide detector technology offers excellent image quality and immediate image availability, while the MUSICA2 image processing delivers consistency and superior contrast detail.

The fully-motorized DX-D 300 can handle a broad range of X-ray studies, including lateral exams. This adaptability makes it ideal for use with all patients, even those less mobile, whether in sitting, standing or  lying positions. By facilitating positioning, reducing patient waiting times and increasing diagnostic confidence, it answers the need for constant enhancement of patient comfort and performance of your radiology department.

  • MUSICA2 processing provides superior contrast detail and exam-independent, consistent image quality
  • Cesium Iodide DR detector technology offers potential for significant patient dose reduction
  • Universal, flexible and affordable modality combines a single detector and a fully-motorized positioner
  • Includes NX acquisition station with comprehensive functionality for integrated workflow
  • DICOM connectivity to PACS, HIS/RIS and imagers
  • Floor mounting and compact size for an ideal fit
  • A quick and easy way to go Direct Digital
  • Complete versatility with optional CR/DR combination