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PINNACLE® DR Gold (Small-Space)      

  • Pinnacle Small Space System
  • Tilting wall stand for complete versatility
  • Small Room layout

Product Description


Can be configured in a room as small as 10' x 10'!

32 - 82 kW HF Generator fully integrated in acquisition workstation.

Remote diagnostic for complete system. 

Tilting Wallstand:

  • 17" x 17" imaging area
  • Tilting flexibility from -20 to +90.
  • Patient hand grips.
  • High resolution grid cabinet.


  • Complete longitudinal and vertical travel.
  • Electromagnetic locks.
  • Cable concealment system.


PINNACLE® Digital Detector Cesium

Cesium scintillator enables optimal quality at low dose.

Wide Dynamic Range with 14-bit Digitization.

Full Featured acquisition and viewing software - optimized image processing algorithms for each APR condition.

Off center imaging capability.

Optional viewing software with complete analytical tools.

Hardware features (minimum):

  • 2 TB Dell Tower with RAID 1
  • 22" Touch Screen Monitor
  • 1 TB External HD for archive
  • Wireless Keyboard & Mouse


  • By utilizing a tilting wallstand, we are able to perform complete imaging without the expense and space required for a traditional x-ray table.
  • Acquire screen includes a positioning guide that shows how to obtain all typical positions with a wall stand only.
  • Imaging is quicker and more efficient due to not having to lay ambulatory patients down.
  • More flexibility in room configuration with our unique tilting wallstand, tubestand, and interfaced generator.
  • By utilizing only a wall stand, we are able to use single panel DR technology. This combination provides greater throughput and image quality, all at a price comparable to a traditional radiographic CR suite.