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Siemens SOMATOM Emotion

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Product Description

With a SOMATOM Emotion, you get more than just a CT scanner.

SOMATOM Emotion is an excellent choice for bigger private practices or smaller hospitals. Siemens knows that innovative scanner technology is not enough. We make a difference by providing software solutions that complement the hardware for a smooth clinical workflow throughout your clinical organization and beyond. 

The SOMATOM Emotion beautifully illustrates Siemens attention to detail and insistence on excellence. Designed to make your workday easier and clinically more successful. Innovative imaging technology supported by outstanding workflow concepts and a broad spectrum of dedicated applications will make your workday exceptional.

Clinical Benefits

  • Highest possible image quality while maintaining low dose with CARE Dose4D.
  • Small diagnostic detail for acquisition of sub-mm lung in one breath-hold.
  • Confidence through second-reader support with CAD tools and remote access.

Economic Benefits

  • Faster diagnostic speed with pre-processing and CAD-tools.
  • Reconstruction on-the-fly with up to 16 images/second.
  • Time savings with WorkStream4D: direct reconstruction of sagittal, coronal, oblique, and double-oblique views from raw data parallel to scan acquisition.

With the Smallest Footprint You`ll Take Giant Steps: From the very first patient each day, SOMATOM Emotion`s exclusive technology acquires images with the finest diagnostic detail within seconds. Siemens high-end Ultra Fast Ceramic (UFC) Detector is designed to deliver exceptional images while maintaining minimum dose. In addition, Siemens proprietary SureView concept, a dedicated spiral imaging reconstruction algorithm, makes challenging, high-quality long scans routine. This allows you, for example, to obtain a high quality sub-mm lung scan in just one breath-hold.

Uptime is the Only Time You Can Afford

By making uptime a top priority from the start, you will enjoy reliable performance for years to come. The newly designed, modern, high quality construction is more than robust, it is virtually indestructible. In addition, SOMATOM Emotion is backed-up by Guardian remote services. Every minute of your working day and even while you sleep - the SOMATOM Emotion monitors itself to detect potential weaknesses before they become problems.