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  • Pinnacle® Gold
  •  PINNACLE® Gold Room layout

Product Description

The Pinnacle Gold is an affordable and dependable all purpose x-ray system.

Smart Generator

  • Compact design with power ranges of 32 – 82 kW output
  • Self diagnostics, remote access and anatomical programming
  • Accuracy and reproducibility, verified with each exposure
  • Capable of producing wave form and diagnostic error logs


  • 4-way Float-top with a 1,000 pound weight capacity
  • Homogeneous material for more consistent imaging
  • Adjustable handle for ease of positioning
  • Infrared lock release
  • Reciprocating Bucky with 10:1 grid
  • Tray with drawer style tracking


  • Electric locks and patient handles
  • Fully counter balanced Wallstand with Bucky and 10:1 grid


  • Floor to wall/ceiling tubestand with 10' rails
  • All lock release button
  • Trunion Mount with transverse movement

     Additional Services provided
  • Professionally prepared shop drawings with equipment layout, electrical, and mechanical details
  • Submission to Physicist for shielding design
  • Professional installation by factory trained personnel
  • Assistance with registration and documentation
  • Assistance with network configuration by in-house IT department
  • Applications training after installation