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Spider Suspension System For Portegra2

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Product Description

Central Axis Column TS-Z Suspensions System for:

  • Equipment up to 21 kg For monitors, OP cameras, and lamps with individual weights of up to 21 kg
  • Can support one, two or three arms
  • Spring arms lengths 900 mm
  • Standard extension arm lengths 700/850/1000 mm
  • 360°-The rotation of the arms can be done without impediment even with electrical equipment due to the specially designed electrical contacts

TS-Z100 (Central axis with one arm)
TS-Z200 (Central axis with two arms)
TS-Z300 (Central axis with three arms)
TS-Z1530 (Mounting Plate)

Suspension system for all equipment up to a combined total of 63 kg. System includes central column, ceiling cover, and extension arm(s)

Can be combined with Monitor Holders Portegra2
- GD-Z-4020
- GD-Z-4021
- GD-Z-4210
- GD-Z-4220
- Lamps Portegra2
- Radiation Protection Shields Portegra2