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Medlink Radiation Badge Service

  • Medlink Radiation Badge

Product Description

Radiation Detection Badge Services
by Medlink Imaging

Medlink Imaging offers radiation detection badge services. The TLD badge is state-of-the-art technology in radiation monitoring. Unlike the out-of-date “film type” X-Ray badges that require replacement every month and are processed manually, the TLD badge offers the convenience of three month usage.

Each badge has four elements for radiation detection:
Two elements are Li2B4O7: Cu radiation response characteristic very close to human tissue and the other two elements are CaSo4: Tm, which are extremely sensitive for radiation detection.

 Subscription includes:

  1. Automatic badge replacement every three months, for one year.
  2. Replay envelope to send badges in, for reading.
  3. Fully automated, computer generated report.
  4. Control badge provided at no charge.

Accredited by: NVLAP (Lab Code 200666-0)